Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lease terms?

Lease terms offered fluctuate depending on the time of the year. Prices do go up for short term and month to month leases.

Do you allow co-signers?

Co-signers are only offered to students currently enrolled in school.

What is the pet policy?

a) We do allow a maximum of 2 pets with a weight limit of 50 pounds.
b) Pet rent is $35 for the first pet and $15 for the second pet
c) There would be an additional deposit of $500 which covers the 2 pets

Are utilities included?

Please contact the specific property you are interested for this answer as each property has different utility standards.

How many parking spaces do you get?

You are allotted one parking spot per apartment.

How much is it to break a lease?

The lease break fee is equal to 1.5 times the rent amount.

How often do rents get increased?

Your rent amount is locked in by your signed lease. Upon expiration of a 12 month lease, you are subject to a rent increase. The rental increase is based upon the market activity.

How can you pay rent?

Rent can be paid through our online portal, with a check, cashiers check or money order brought to the office, or mailed to the leasing office.

How do you put in a work order?

Call the office or use your online portal.

What's an emergency?

Fire, flood, some electrical, some plumbing, some major appliances issues?

After hours emergency.

Call the after hours emergency phone, leave a detailed message with your name, unit number and specifics on what the emergency is. If you don’t get a call back, maintenance has assessed the situation based on your message and determined it can wait until the next business day.

How to use a trash compactor.

Open the door, make sure all your trash is in and close the door completely. Compactors cycle every 3-5 times the door opens and closes, not every time.

What happens if half my unit doesn’t have power?

If this happens it is generally as easy as a GFCI. They are usually located in the hallway, kitchen and bathroom. Click the test then reset button on all of them. If this doesn’t work, call the office.

How to unjam a garbage disposal?

a) If your disposal is humming but not working, look under the kitchen sink, unplug the disposal, look under the disposal itself and there will be a spot where you can insert an allen wrench. Once it is in there, give it a good spin. Plug the disposal back in and turn it on to test to see if it’s working.

b) If your disposal has no sound and is not working there is a small red reset button on the bottom, push it and that should make it work.